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Welcome to Fear It Goes

The company all about releasing what holds you from your greatest success

I am Brandi Taylor.
I help frustrated Entrepreneurs who have tried a lot and haven't seen the results they expected,  so their business flourishes and they are free to create a future that has their heart sing. 
Create your balanced professional and personal life by removing what is blocking you from more money in less time so you have more time for the things that really matter.

Everything you experience in your life begins within you then manifests outward.

Be it in business or personal lives, there is a way out of struggling, suffering, and stuckness so you can really experience the amazing gifts life has to offer you.

Want to discover your inner power?

Want success?

Want transformation?

Want more money in less time? 

Want a thriving business?

Want a life full of all you can dream up?

Our Mission behind Fear It Goes is to help you evolve into your highest powerful version of yourself.

We do this by helping you discover what really matters to you, develop the roadmap, and give you all the tools and skillsets you need to get you there.

All those blocks and barriers that have stopped you until now - GONE. We help you embody what is needed to live your deliscious goals and dreams.

From 'You have such great potential' to limitless. You are empowered and prosperous.

Now, this is my favorite part... you take these embodied lessons (from 'I know that' to 'I live that') and pass on them to your children. 

By doing this we create a ripple effect. We help you let go of anything keeping you stuck so that you go boldly, confidently, and unshakable out into the world to live as you were always meant to - powerful and free.

UNshakable You. 

UNstoppable You. 



Fear It Goes is here to create

Generational Success.

Is this you?


  • You've been on the personal growth journey for a long time but can't understand why all the things you've tried haven't worked...why the laws of attraction haven't produced anything (maybe it's all just bull)...  You are stressed and anxious about your life wondering "Why isn't this working? What's blocking me? What am I missing?"
  • You feel like you are spinning in circles. You've done the work.  You can see success, you can taste it, you can smell it, and you can almost feel it but just can't figure out what is stopping you.
  • You are a total giver but forget yourself.  You feel dissatisfied and know you are meant for more.

If this is you - I feel your pain. That was me too. You are not alone on this journey.


Then these five powerful declarations are now yours to begin the journey:

I embrace who I am unapologetically and without fear.
I am open to new and amazing opportunities and possibilities.
I am willing to make an impact.
I am excited to leave a legacy that will reach generations to come.
I am ready to own my power and let go of the limits.


Are you WILLING to open to new possibilities?

Are you willing to release the OLD ways and old beliefs?  If so, man am I EXCITED. On this journey, we are going to replace them with NEW beliefs and new habits that get you what you want.

Gets you excited; jumping out of bed excited, smiling and can't wait to share it excited. We are talking about the kind of excitement that drives you and pulls you forward. The kind that's permanent.

Not the kind where you are pushing so hard, pushing all the time, where you feel stuck or struggling.

Life flows and becomes easier. Yes you can be powerful, can foster exceptional relationships, can have strength guided through love and caring so that THIS life you create is THE LIFE YOU WANT & THE LIFE YOU LOVE.


At the end of this life you say - No Regrets!


Let's Do This.  I've Got Your Back!

Here Are The Ways You Can Take The Next Step

How We Help

All cures are not the same. All courses are not created equal.

Our approach at Fear It Goes is based in root cause solutions. We teach practical methods so you aren't dependant on help forever. You become the leader with all the skills sets, tools, and practices you need to really thrive.  So we've designed different programs to develop you. We teach you to fish...

If you are a struggling parent trying to get your kids to listen and respect you all while building strong meaningful relationships that last - The Foundations is for you.

If you want to awaken your higher consciousness- you've read book after book, gone to seminar after seminar collecting knowledge but don't know how to get it to really work in your life - the Align Now Method is for you.

If you are a business owner struggling to really understand your brand, how to position it, how to market your product/service, and gain clients - Dream Clients Now is for you.


Are you ready to release all the things that are making your life hard and that stop you from being limitless?


What is your first step?

In this complimentary 30 min session we will crystallize your vision for your LIMITLESS life and/or business. We’ll also talk about the biggest challenge preventing you from achieving your number one goal. Lastly, we’ll go over the plan to actually get there.



Brandi's weekly Podcast - Fear It Goes, the podcast all about taking fear with you and doing it anyway - is featured on Apple Podcast, Spotify, GooglePlay and iHeart Radio.

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Limitless Soul Stories

For a long time I was walking through life on automatic pilot. Unable to really feel alive and connected. When I decided to make a change I gave Brandi and the Align Now Method a chance. It was the best decision I have ever made. With her help I regained control over my life; was able to see clearly the choices, both conscious and subconscious, which I had made and how they had created the life I was unhappily living. The Align Now Method gave me the tools to change my world and new hope for the future. Now I am in a career that I find eminent fulfillment from, have people in my life that truly care about me and who I care about, and I am able to live more aware and to the fullest. I have found the greatest successes in life to date. I will be forever grateful to Brandi for giving me the tools to get a life I truly desired to live.
- Ruth D, People Services Nova Scotia Health Authority

When I first started working with Brandi and the Align Now Method I was feeling so lost, lonely and forgotten.  I was merely surviving from one day to the next, feeling utterly depressed because nothing I had tried to move my life forward was working.  My days felt without purpose and my business and relationship was suffering.  Fast forward six months.  Since working with Brandi my life has turned around 100%.  We have worked on 'feeling worthy' - an area of my life where I have long struggled, and has been a huge underlying factor in the reality I had created.  While this is really a journey, not a destination, I am now feeling on purpose again - in fact, I've started a second business with a mission to help others!  My relationship is robust and romantic and connected again - and I've noticed a massive shift in my partner as well!  I now take big courageous steps every day and on the days when it doesn't go as well, I lean into the knowledge that this is just a moment, and a shift in perspective (and mindset) often has me moving forward again.  I am so truly, deeply grateful to Brandi and the work in the Align Now Method!  To say it is a life saver would not be overstating things.  I feel now as if I am living a life on FIRE!  And I'm so excited to bring my passion into the world and help others thrive as well!  Thank you Brandi!

Amy V, B.Env.D.    Dutch Touch Interiors & Dare to Begin


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