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This is Me - Perfectly Imperfect

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2019
Hello Beautiful Soul
Because that's exactly how I see you all - Beautiful Souls wrapped in life experiences.
I'm Brandi. I love to create, learn and grow. This past year has seen a lot of growth, change, and challenges. I'm learning how to really get myself out there. I was published last year, I've spoken on stages, have a weekly newsletter, and have this podcast I like to call my playground. It's one place I love being. There is freedom within it.
I feel as though I've lived many lives.
As a child, there were some really rough times. Trauma was introduced very early. For these reasons, I understood people and their behavior very early. I came across as a very mature teen. For University, I traveled to the other side of the country, starting new, knowing only one person. It was a massive change - exciting and promising. I was Dbl major in Biology & Chemistry with a minor in Psychology - originally thinking I wanted to be a trauma surgeon....
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šŸ’° šŸ’µShow Me The Money šŸ’µšŸ’°

Are you ready to have more money?

Money is the currency with which the external world revolves. Money is a tool we use to survive and thrive. It's not about happiness - it's about the freedom to do what you want, give where you want, live how you want, eat what you want, dream big and do great things.

I want to start a foundation - Low-income housing for families with an education component so they never fall back into struggle again, never need assistance again, and go out and THRIVE. This requires a lot of money and I want this foundation in every city. I want to create a powerful movement...

Yet, there are so many hangups with money and how we perceive it; we want it, need it, want to keep it, get mad at it, love it, hate it, envy it, feel guilty about it... the list goes on and on.

We FEEL so much about it.

We've attached so many emotions to it. The kicker is money is only a flow of energy. And how we feel about it creates that same energy with it.

Imagine what it's like when...

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Control Tower - Where We Take Direction

Uncategorized Jul 13, 2019

Life teaches us lessons in strange places until we get the message.

A life of saying yes to almost everything had set the stage for many overwhelming experiences. On the precipice of a new venture, an exam I took years ago, jumps to the forefront of my thoughts. The mayhem of those last few days prior to writing. The thoughts I had. The feelings I was ignoring. The patterns emerging. All there to teach me a very significant lesson.

The city of Calgary was experiencing the warmest spring it had had in years. It was a beautiful, bright, warm spring day. Such a contrast from the prolonged winter that seemed to have held us only days earlier.

The exam was two days away. Though I studied for the past two weeks, I still didn’t feel prepared. Doubt and fear leached throughout every thought. It felt overwhelming and debilitating.

What if fail?

I’ve set the expectation. Everyone knows I'm writing it. They expect me to pass.

Why isn’t this information sticking?

Adding to my...

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It's Raining Flavor

recipes Jul 03, 2019

Do you love what you're eating?

I bet you do but the better question is - Does it heal, nourish, and satiate all while tasting great?

This week is all about flavor and a few recipes and sites to get you going.

For me, cooking starts with what's in my fridge. Often it's like a little game. Today, I had some broccoli, rib eye and avocado. If I wanted to add a small quantity of carbs I would use sprouted rice (cooks in 25min) or quinoa.

Tomorrow, I'll roast chicken breast, topped with salsa and cheddar with a vegetable fry on the side. I love taking zucchini, onion or leek, mushrooms, bell pepper, and asparagus or swiss chard/spinach sautéing it with a butter/olive oil combo then add spices to brighten up the flavor. Adding a healthy fat will really help you feel full sooner and hold you longer. Added bonus - fats taste great!

I have to admit, sometimes I like to use a spice blend. This is one of my favorites - absolutely delicious on vegetables, eggs, white meat or fish....

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Chart Your Course

Uncategorized May 22, 2019

The Life You Choose

When confronted with a habit, we often act like addicts; justifying them, quantifying them, defending them, all for the sake of not having to change. The biggest, most impactful question I ask myself today - How does this serve me in my life? Does this lead me where I want to go or am I letting life carry me away? While the latter may seem like an adventure, its no different than getting on a sailboat with no destination in mind, no navigation tools and just letting the wind carry you all over the ocean. At first, it might seem exciting. But quickly the wind carries you out to vast expansive blue, no land in sight and you are left panicking. Trying to find your way out of this mess. How do you find land? Great adventures require preparation. Think climbing Mount Everest, African safaris or going to the moon. Planning goes a long way. All great adventures require some planning so when the unexpected enters we are better equipped to create a solution with knowledge...

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Money ā€“ A Tool or a Noose?

Uncategorized Feb 26, 2019

Over this past year Alberta has seen many challenges with oil dropping and so many being laid off. What I’ve found most fascinating is not so much the person that earns $50K a year and struggles but the executive earning six figures selling off his/her possessions to make next months mortgage payment. How do we get into these financial positions? Why are so many living pay-cheque to pay-cheque?

An interesting thing happens with money. While it is only a tool, the exchange made for goods and services purchased or provided, we in society have attached many emotions to it. To most, money represents… power, greed, pleasure, guilt, freedom, happiness, and to some even self-worth.

The psychology of money is deeply rooted from a young age. There are a few major theories on our spending/saving behaviors. Our childhood experiences and environment are the reason behind our ability to save, invest and spend wisely and that of pain and pleasure. I believe it’s a mixture of...

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Why Fear it Goes ā€“ Inception

Uncategorized Feb 26, 2019

A few weeks ago I was sitting with two very dear friends talking about Fear It Goes. Knowing me for almost twenty years, Andrew asked my what I wanted to achieve with this blog and all else that will be a part of Fear It Goes. I realized I hadn’t really shared that with you through the previous posts. Instead, I’ve written about things that interest me.

So, this is the story of the inception of Fear It Goes and why I not only want to do this but feel I must achieve this goal. This is the legacy I want to leave.

This summer I went to a three-day business conference. Each day was packed with inspiring speakers on multiple topics. These are only a few. Sam Crowley spoke about podcasting and how we have a message to share. Croix Sather spoke of the many challenges and triumphs he faced running across America. Thomas Bahler spoke of his life as a musician, music producer and how life can offer you hard experiences to gift you wonderful new lives. Teresa de Grosbois spoke...

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What is Your Legacy?

Uncategorized Feb 26, 2019

Leave the legacy you can be proud of.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to leave a legacy? What would it be? Would you make a positive impact on other peoples life? Would you make an imprint on history?

I must admit, Albert Einstein is one of my favorite people in history. He was humble, he was fun, he was a genius. Yet, was judged at a young age as someone that wouldn’t amount to much. What would our lives have been without his contributions?

Legacy has meant different things to me over time. For most of my early life the term legacy meant a monetary gift left to those we care about by those in a better financial position. Its strange. I plan these gifts with clients regularly and though this can be a part of legacy, inheritance is wonderful, I’ve come to see legacy as in the bigger picture of life.

This summer, while at a business conference, my limited notion took new form. A speaker by the name of Thomas Bahler spoke of his life experiences. If you have...

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