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This is Me - Perfectly Imperfect

Uncategorized Dec 03, 2019
Hello Beautiful Soul ​ ​
Because that's exactly how I see you all - Beautiful Souls wrapped in life experiences.
I'm Brandi. I love to create, learn and grow. This past year has seen a lot of growth, change, and challenges. I'm learning how to really get myself out there. I was published last year, I've spoken on stages, have a weekly newsletter, and have this podcast I like to call my playground. It's one place I love being. There is freedom within it.
I feel as though I've lived many lives.
As a child, there were some really rough times. Trauma was introduced very early. For these reasons, I understood people and their behavior very early. I came across as a very mature teen. For University, I traveled to the other side of the country, starting new, knowing only one person. It was a massive change - exciting and promising. I was Dbl major in Biology & Chemistry with a minor in Psychology - originally thinking I wanted to be a trauma surgeon. Always fascinated with the human body and curious about the mind it was surprising to all when going in the last year of the program, I realized I didn't really want this for the rest of my life so I left and traveled different places in the world. When I got back, a friend asked me to help him in LA. He was a producer. I became one too. A few years later, night school became a necessity to go solo as an independent filmmaker. I loved it and I mean LOVED IT but it wasn't meant to be permanent. Kids change priorities. I have two wonderful-whirlwinds of energy-boys. Projects I had shelved thinking I'd get back working them in a year, ended up sitting. Instead, I thought I'll convert these into manuscripts. How hard can that be? Turns out a lot harder than I thought. I went back to night school and juggled a life at home, the real estate and the investment world my husband (ex now) and I got involved in. Then came the crash. We saw it coming and knew it was time for a change. So when I went back to work years later finance seemed a natural fit.
These choices seem so all over don't they; so left brain, right brain. Yet there is a commonality here. Can you see the thread? I always wanted to help people. I was doing it through different means, small-scale. Each and every crisscross I've taken has led me here. Until recently, most of my choices were muted. I didn't want to be seen. I didn't want people to know the wounds I had carried. The shame I carried with them. I didn't want to show anything other than what looked perfect on the outside.
Turns out life showed me another path and this time, I chose to step up into it. Not a day goes by where gratitude isn't a governing force for the life I now live. Sure, sometimes it's messy. BUT... I'm fully alive, a participant, not a bystander. Not anymore. I can't imagine it any other way. ​
​I'm just starting to write a full-length book called 'It's All About You Baby! How to live your authentic self in an inauthentic world'. I'm really excited to bring this because it will help guide so many souls out of the day-to-day external existence into who they really are and the power they really hold inside. It's the journey into ourselves. The strength we hold, the wisdom, the infinite possibilities that can unfold for each and every one of us. Our current conditioning has eluded to the means by which we attain this level of being. Its time for a shift - a clear lens to see through.
In 2017 Fear It Goes was birthed out of my own need to see not through early trauma and the stories those experiences created but through what life offers. Most of my life was governed by a deep-rooted fear keeping me in silent misery. I came across as happy. I was a positive person. Like so many people, I walked around with an 'Everything is great' attitude when something felt wrong underneath and I didn't know why. After years of searching for answers; reading books, collecting tools, going to event after event, seeing therapists and coaches, endless research, non-stop learning, I finally discovered what I needed was always with me. All that was needed was the key to unlock the door. I now see trauma as anything that holds us back. Whatever the experience, big or small, it's ours holding onto them that shackle us. We are not meant to experience life through lacking. We are not meant to stay in experiences our whole lives. Life flows. ​
​We are meant to experience the extraordinary here. We are meant to soar. We are meant to be whole. From this state, we give unconditionally. We can't help it. Now I want to gift this to the world.
I really want to give this to you.

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