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It's Raining Flavor

recipes Jul 03, 2019

Do you love what you're eating?

I bet you do but the better question is - Does it heal, nourish, and satiate all while tasting great?

This week is all about flavor and a few recipes and sites to get you going.

For me, cooking starts with what's in my fridge. Often it's like a little game. Today, I had some broccoli, rib eye and avocado. If I wanted to add a small quantity of carbs I would use sprouted rice (cooks in 25min) or quinoa.

Tomorrow, I'll roast chicken breast, topped with salsa and cheddar with a vegetable fry on the side. I love taking zucchini, onion or leek, mushrooms, bell pepper, and asparagus or swiss chard/spinach sautéing it with a butter/olive oil combo then add spices to brighten up the flavor. Adding a healthy fat will really help you feel full sooner and hold you longer. Added bonus - fats taste great!

I have to admit, sometimes I like to use a spice blend. This is one of my favorites - absolutely delicious on vegetables, eggs, white meat or fish. The Silk Road,  located in Inglewood, has many blends and single herbs you can sample. My kids even loved trying them. Your local grocer will carry some as well. I like Sunterra for this reason. Cool thing is, once you get used to using spices, it gets really easy to pair flavors together.

Can you play this game too? Of course you can! Even if you like to use recipes, there are so many sites like Allrecipes where you type the main ingredient into the search engine and Voilà - recipes galore.

It doesn't have to be complicated. Herbs, spices, and sauces (go for low sugar variety or make your own), a squeeze of lime, a splash of soy sauce/ginger and garlic and your plate is rocking!


For a few great ideas check out these links.

Black Forest Breakfast Smoothie, MooShu Chicken Wraps, Bison Chili, Spicy Garlic Lime Chicken, Meat Bagels (breaks the 30 min rule but dang are these good),  Chicken Coconut Curry in a Hurry, Low Carb Bacon & Cheese Vegetable Gratin, and no dinner would be complete without dessert - Chocolate Mug Cake.

Black Forest Breakfast Smoothie


Paleo - hide your liver hide your-heart bison chili

Spicy garlic lime chicken

Ditch the wheat meat bagels

Chicken coconut curry-in-a-hurry

Keto low-carb bacon and cheese vegetable gratin

Chocolate cake mug

Happy Healthy Eating.



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