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💰 💵Show Me The Money 💵💰

Are you ready to have more money?

Money is the currency with which the external world revolves. Money is a tool we use to survive and thrive. It's not about happiness - it's about the freedom to do what you want, give where you want, live how you want, eat what you want, dream big and do great things.

I want to start a foundation - Low-income housing for families with an education component so they never fall back into struggle again, never need assistance again, and go out and THRIVE. This requires a lot of money and I want this foundation in every city. I want to create a powerful movement...

Yet, there are so many hangups with money and how we perceive it; we want it, need it, want to keep it, get mad at it, love it, hate it, envy it, feel guilty about it... the list goes on and on.

We FEEL so much about it.

We've attached so many emotions to it. The kicker is money is only a flow of energy. And how we feel about it creates that same energy with it.

Imagine what it's like when you tune into a radio station. You hear the music on that station. If you move the dial, even slightly, you alter the bandwidth the music plays through. All energy is like this. It's vibrating at different frequencies. Our thoughts, which emit vibrations all the time, tune us into different stations and we can only hear, see, experience what that is playing out on that station... Every positive and negative thought tunes us into or out of what we want to receive. If you think of money from a higher vibration, you tune into more opportunities.

You can't experience what you're not open to. You're just not tuned into the station. 

So, what's one thing you can do today to tune into the higher vibration of money? 


First, start with how you view it. If you are coming from a lack of it, you fear it, therefore creating a low frequency and fewer opportunities around you.

If you say money doesn't matter, your brain checks out, closes the door and won't work with you to tune in to actually see the opportunities right in front of you.

You have a mental/biological information sorting system (the RAS) that determines what information is important and what is not to keep you from overwhelm. Your conscious state can only process so much at a time. When you say things like, 'I only need even to get by' 'Money doesn't matter' 'Money doesn't buy happiness' 'People who have money are greedy or selfish' you cut off all importance to gaining the what you want.

Don't be a hater...

You want your mind engaged and seeking every opportunity available. The more you can see it, appreciate it and love it, the more your mind works with you.

Just image, you're spending time with your best friend. That friend does all these great things for you and with you. You've had so many incredible experiences because of your friend, with your friend. It's fun, exciting, joyful. Its a great exchange of energy between you. It's also the frequency you are tuned into.


Start loving on money. Imagine all the amazing things you can and will do with more money. Even debt has provided you with something good. Allow money to be your best friend. Don't judge money or yourself with it, accept where you are and allow it to flow into your life again. Appreciate it.

Use the mantra - I love and appreciate money and accept it into my life with ease. Tune onto the station. 


We each choose who we are, with or without money.

Choose to be a light in this world with it!

So much love and gratitude to you all.






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