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It's Raining Flavor

recipes Jul 03, 2019

Do you love what you're eating?

I bet you do but the better question is - Does it heal, nourish, and satiate all while tasting great?

This week is all about flavor and a few recipes and sites to get you going.

For me, cooking starts with what's in my fridge. Often it's like a little game. Today, I had some broccoli, rib eye and avocado. If I wanted to add a small quantity of carbs I would use sprouted rice (cooks in 25min) or quinoa.

Tomorrow, I'll roast chicken breast, topped with salsa and cheddar with a vegetable fry on the side. I love taking zucchini, onion or leek, mushrooms, bell pepper, and asparagus or swiss chard/spinach sautéing it with a butter/olive oil combo then add spices to brighten up the flavor. Adding a healthy fat will really help you feel full sooner and hold you longer. Added bonus - fats taste great!

I have to admit, sometimes I like to use a spice blend. This is one of my favorites - absolutely delicious on vegetables, eggs, white meat or fish....

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