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Be a part of something bigger.  Be a part of something that inspires, motivates and creates a better life.

And... Stop experiencing fear.

Don't just survive. This is an opportunity to THRIVE.

This community takes you from isolation and confusion and puts you on the path to move through this with solutions that work and the support your need.

I will help you.
We can all help each other.

What is the Align Now Mastermind and Community program?

The Align Now Mastermind and Community is a weekly online group meeting using Zoom videoconferencing software.   Each session will have three components:

  1. a 20-30 minute presentation on a topic selected by Brandi.   Some of the topics will be presented by Brandi and some will feature a guest expert.   The topics will be announced prior to each meeting.
  2. a Q&A session where participants will have an opportunity to share, to speak their mind, and to be heard.
  3. a feel-good story about the positive impact the virus is having on the world.

Each topic will fit into one of these categories:

  • the mental / spiritual pandemic which refers to the stress, the fear, the anxiety we are experiencing as a result of worry and fear mongering to which we are being exposed
  • the financial pandemic which is all about the loss of jobs, the loss of income, the shut down of companies, the drop in value of the stock markets
  • the relationship pandemic caused by families forced be confined together.   At the end of this virus pandemic, there will either be a baby boom or a lot of divorces
  • the physical pandemic.   This refers to the fact that in our confinement we are not getting exercise and we are not taking care of our physical selves.

Here are examples of topics I will present:
- what can we do so we don't gain weight while at home?
- should people profit from the virus?
- how to support your immune system
- diets, nutrition, supplements
- changing relationships in the house
- how to spend our time during the isolation period?
- how do you cope with the fear and anxiety
- what is the impact of the world consciousness right now?
- how could we possibly be benefiting from this pandemic?

Perspective is everything in these moments. There is way more going on here as a result of this virus.   Yes the virus is serious and is causing deaths but we need to understand the implications it is having on the rest of our lives and to learn methods to thrive, not just cope.

The Purpose:

The mission for these sessions is to have all participants feeling better by the end of the call, not just for a moment, give them insights, inspiration and tools, and leave them better off in all of the 4 categories.

These are 3 goals of this program:
1. to teach and to learn.  Staying informed is a good way to thrive this crisis.   Hearing ideas in all four of the topic areas will give us strategies for surviving the four pandemics and thriving in each area.
2. to give all of us quarantined and isolated people some community with other people who want to discuss, to share and to learn.  Joining a group of people outside of our homes gives us a way of beating the mental/spiritual pandemic and the financial pandemic
3. To provide show people that despite the fear-mongering and bad news we are bombarded with in the media, that there are bright spots....there are good stories and there is a great deal of good to come out of this. 

My goal, when you look back on this time, is that these sessions will have been an integral part in your personal and professional growth and development, your strength of mind, your strengthened relationships, your better health, and that it gave you a deeper connection to your world.

Recordings and Handouts

Each session will be recorded and then published in a private membership area of my website so that if you miss a session or just want to re-watch it, you can login to the site and access the recordings and also receive  any downloadable information, worksheets, tip sheets that may come with a session.   


As a way of giving people a method to experience this program so that they can decide if it is for them or not, the first two sessions will be no cost.

After the first two sessions you will be given the option to continue with a monthly investment of $497. During this time, we are very conscious of the difficulties caused by COVID and are offering a discount code to bring the monthly fee to $197 (less than $50 per session - sweet, right?)

About Brandi

As a life long learner, I've studied psychology, human behaviours, biology, chemistry, and have dabbled in quantum physics, quantum entanglement, and neuroscience. NLP, Meditation and Hypnotherapy are all part of our program.

April 15th, 7 pm
Session 1

Is isolation the right thing to be doing? 

The Issue:  Many say yes.  Many say no.  The fact is...this period of isolation is taking a terrible toll on our lives.  Are we willingly being herded into this so that our government has more time to do what it should have been doing a long time ago?   Is isolation solving the problem?   Are you a willing participant or an unwilling participant?

What are your thoughts?

Be informed.
Stop the fear.
Get the tools and strategies you need to thrive.

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