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Be a part of something bigger.  Be a part of something that inspires, motivates and creates a better life.

Don't just survive. It's time to connect to your soul and THRIVE.

This community takes you from overwhelm, confusion, frustrations, and an autopilot life to releasing stress, anxiety, and all the other low vibrating emotions and creates for you the deeper connections, deeper love of self and others, and a connection with soul.

Isn't it time to say yes to yourself? To say you deserve deep love? Peace and joy?

Be a part of something BIGGER, something with meaning, and something that grows you.

Love you. Love yourself.


What is the Align Now Mastermind and Community program?

The Align Now Mastermind and Community is a weekly online group meeting using Zoom videoconferencing software.   Each session will have three components:

  1. a 15 - 20 minute presentation on a topic selected by Brandi.   Some of the topics will be presented by Brandi and some will feature a guest expert.   The topics will be announced prior to each meeting.
  2. a Q&A session where participants will have an opportunity to share, to speak their mind, and to be heard.
  3. Someone will share a feel-good story about something they are grateful for.

Each topic will fit into one of these 3 categories:

  • mindset: the stress, the fear, the anxiety, and overwhelm experienced in daily life as a result of what we are being exposed to and and conditioned to believe and the ways to start moving out of this
  • relationships: better ways to communicate and get what you want without fighting.
  • spiritual:  This refers to the ways we are holding ourselves in the constant lack instead of abundant mentality and what we can do to raise our vibration and connected deeply with our soul.

Here are examples of topics I will present:

- what can we do to pull yourself out of negative thoughts? (for most people 70% come in this survival category)
- what can I do to release anxiety?
- what can I do to improve my relationship with my kids?
- what can I do to improve my relationship with my partners?
- how can improve my relationship with my family?
how to support your immune system
- diets, nutrition, supplements
- what are neurotransmitters and how they govern your ability to manage stress, happiness and peace.
- how to do a dopamine reset?
- how do you cope with the fear and anxiety
- what mindset goes along with strengthening my connection to soul?
- how can I shift into a more abundant mindset?

Perspective is everything. There is way more going on in the world than first thought. Life can feel like chaos at times and certainly can be overwhelming. So how do you not just manage but create a system to thrive?

The Purpose:

My mission for these sessions is to open you to new possibilities, have you leave feeling better about life and your life specifically.  Not just for a moment, give you insights, inspiration and tools, and leave you better off in all of the 3 categories.

These are 3 goals of this program:
1. to teach and to learn.  Having good systems to lean on when times are tough or doubt rolls in can be the difference between suffering and managing. Sharing ideas in these three areas will give you strategies.

2. to give you likeminded people with similar life goals - to expand your knowledge, to shift mindset and have a private community with other people who want to discuss, share and learn.  Joining a spiritual group of people outside of our normal life offers different perspectives to can allow growth.

3. Consistent mindset alignments will help you -  stay on track with your growth, remind you each time the world and life circumstances get to load and you begin to believe those circumstances and the projection of those circumstances into the future  are the truth - we will bring you back to the truth - you are the co-creator in this life, to show you what to do when you derail. 

My goal, when you look back on this time, is that these sessions will have been an integral part in your personal and spiritual growth and development, your strength of mind, your strengthened relationships, your better health, and that it gave you a deeper connection to your soul and purpose.

Recordings and Handouts

Each session will be recorded and then published in the private membership area of this website so that if you miss a session or just want to re-watch it, you can login to the site and access the recordings and also receive  any downloadable information, worksheets, tip sheets that may come with a session.   


As a way of giving people a method to experience this program so that they can decide if it is for them or not, the first two sessions are $10 all together. Yup, less than Starbucks coffee.

After the first two sessions you will be given the option to continue with a monthly investment of $497.  Should you want something more personal like private1-on-1 sessions you can book a 10 minute call to work out details.

About Brandi

As a life long learner, I've studied psychology, hypnotherapy, human behaviours, biology, chemistry, and have dabbled in quantum physics, quantum entanglement, and neuroscience. NLP, and Meditation are all part of our program.

June 7th, 7 pm
Session 1

Consciously creating your life. 

The Issue:  no one taught us the important parts of how we are creating the world around us. We are always making choices, consciously and subconsciously. Once we understand the foundations of life we can start to see bigger changes are absolutely under our own control.  This will be the first dive into foundations of what you are in the human experience. 

What are low vibrating emotions, what does that mean, and how will this make my life better? Let's explore

Let's Be the Change
Stop just surviving.

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