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Have you ever wanted something so badly you could taste it but find it always just out of reach?

Maybe you've talked yourself out of what you really wanted, convincing yourself it wasn't really that important anyway. Or maybe, fear hijacked you, your hopes, and your dreams and pushed you into complacency and a life of good enough.

This was me (Brandi Taylor) in 2015. I was a professional in finance, running a business and very unhappy. I felt like I’d missed my boat, watching everyone wave goodbye, as my dreams sailed away.  The problem was something was blocking me. 

Due to abuse in early childhood, I was obsessed with understanding human behavior (now one of my biggest drivers). People always sought me out for advice or mediation because I had a deeper, innate understanding. This would lead me to study biology, chemistry, and psychology at university. I wanted to help people by becoming a surgeon. But before I finished, something told me this was not my path. I moved through numerous careers all with the same underlying drive to help people move forward. But how would I do this?

Fear, patterns and something I couldn't put my finger on, were holding me back from what I knew was inside. I already knew so much about what the gurus and teacher taught, I just couldn’t understand why I wasn't living it. I wanted a life filled with passion and meaning, something that made my heart sing.  You might be thinking the same thing.

In this picture, my boys and I ran our first race. I’d pulled my clavicle and two ribs five days before. Breathing was tough. I could have called it off. I had a legitimate injury. My chiropractor thought I should. That’s what I would have done in the past.  But, I just couldn’t let myself or my kids down. That day I took a real stand. Injuries or not, we all made it over that finish line. I made a choice that day – put your stake in the ground and say “I’m not giving up on myself. Today, I stand for this life. Today I stand for me.”

I've learned something very powerful. Fear can drive you or fear can drown you. And I was drowning over and over again. It was time to say YES to what I wanted and NO to holding onto the patterns. This meant inner work. Fear roared at me. I didn't want to visit those demons. I felt broken. Like something wasn't right inside. If I wanted to change, this meant I had to commit to myself, scared or not. The race was the first of many commitments.

It took a hard awakening to discover myself but since then, I've trained in NLP, Hypnotherapy, self-studied neuroscience, epigenetics, energy, some quantum physics, and quantum entanglement. I have read, listen to and devoured hundreds of books, articles, and papers that led me to where I am today. I know the mind. I know the body. I know you.

Today, I help you find your authentic self, the one that's been buried under life experiences, traumas, and conditioning so you stand in your truth unapologetically.


Today, I help people linked their minds, body, and energy. The approach is holistic because we are not just the physical self. We contain immense power ready to be untethered.

Speaking on stages, panels and talk shows internationally, I guide people out of comfort zones (it's going to be okay, I promise), take steps (hold hands when needed) to help them become their most exceptional self.

Stand Up for you today. Take the journey to the greatest adventure you'll ever know – Your EXCEPTIONAL Life.


Welcome, beautiful soul. Welcome to Fear It Goes.


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