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About Us

Have you ever wanted something so badly you could taste it then find it just isn't happening no matter what you do?

Has fear or doubt stopped you from pursuing your dreams? Maybe that fear has even talked you into letting go of what you really wanted, convincing you it wasn't really that important anyway. Or maybe, that fear has hijacked you, your hopes, and your dreams and pushed you into complacency and a life of good enough.

This was me (Brandi Taylor) in 2015. But with my two boys getting older and finding myself feeling like I’d missed my boat, watching everyone wave goodbye, as my dreams sailed away.  I made a decision it was time to take a stand for the life I wanted, the life I knew I could and should have. Fear, patterns and something I couldn't put my finger on, were holding me back from what I knew was inside. I already knew so much about what the gurus and teacher taught, I just couldn’t understand why I wasn't living it. I wanted a life filled with passion and meaning, something that made my heart sing.  You might be thinking the same thing.

I learned something very powerful. Fear can drive you or fear can drown you. It’s your choice to say YES or NO.

In this picture, my boys and I ran our first race. It was a tough go. I’d pulled my clavicle and two ribs five days before the race. It was hard to breathe. I could have called it off. That’s what I would have done in the past. My chiropractor thought I should. It was a legitimate injury. But, I just couldn’t let myself or my kids down. I took it easy. I didn’t push myself as much as I would have (thanks to Sandy. Chiropractor orders you know). Even with injuries, we all made it over that finish line. The lesson I learned – Sometimes you just have to put your stake in the ground and say “I’m not giving up on myself. Today, I stand for everything I could ever want and dream for this life. Today I stand for me.”

Welcome to the site that gets you out of your comfort zone (it's going to be okay, I promise), takes steps (little baby ones when needed) with you and helps you become the EXCEPTION to the rules, letting your greatest YOU really soar.

Stand Up for you today. Take the journey. Come join me on the greatest adventure ever – Your EXCEPTIONAL Life.


Welcome beautiful soul. Welcome to Fear It Goes.


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