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Fear It Goes is about changing FEAR into what it's meant to be - a guidance system.  

Come along the journey with Fear It Goes to inspire you, enlighten you, challenge you and allow you to take the steps necessary to really excel in your life.  We discuss everything from trauma to victory, mediocrity to greatness, health, business, marriage, divorce, sex, and everything in-between.  No holding back. No regrets.

It's the podcast that gets you thinking.

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Epi 35 -  Can Separation Be Good? - Susan Dedeluk

Divorce doesn't have to be horrible or scary. When we come to the table well educated on options, choices, and an open willingness for resolve, our approach can be both healthy and benefit all parties. Children and finances are the largest concerns with separation of partnership.


Epi 34 - Do You Know Your Value?

Do you know your value? The success we bring to every experience, every relationship, and every business deal can be summed up with this question. Do you know your value and are you bringing it to the table? It is very hard for a client, a partner, a child or boss to get on board with our ideas and wisdom when we are unsure of what value we bring.



Epi 33 - Let it Go. Let It Go - Letting go of Loss - Corrie Sirota


What do we do when we've had a sudden loss? A death? A major career change? There are many degrees to which we experience loss and the process to move through that loss often requires assistance. It's difficult to see solutions when we are in the thick of the emotion or don't know how to release those emotions.



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