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Fear It Goes is about changing FEAR into what it's meant to be - a guidance system.  

Come along the journey with Fear It Goes to inspire you, enlighten you, challenge you and allow you to take the steps necessary to really excel in your life.  We discuss everything from trauma to victory, mediocrity to greatness, health, business, marriage, divorce, sex, and everything in-between.  No holding back. No regrets.

It's the podcast that gets you thinking.

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Latest Episodes

Health Series in full Swing ~ This series is here to offer you a clear understanding of your health in all its many facets ~body, mind, energy ~ We even offer some tools to help you move your health forward . Come join us.

Epi 44 - Caregivers

Caregivers are one of the most beautiful roles and amazing people that give without taking. However, often caregivers will live shorter lives because they don't know how to give back to themselves and end up so depleted they are doing physical damage to themselves.

Self-Love and Self-Care are crucial to the healthy survival of a caregiver. Today we explore the caregiver role and how they can open up to giving to themselves. In todays episode we offer



Epi 43 -  Energy - Scott Hutchison

Have you ever wondered why you can walk into a room and feel immediately awesome? Or have you ever thought maybe your thought is not really yours but more a collective?

How is energy affecting us both internally and externally?

Today's guest is Scott Hutchison of Energy Rich Day.



Epi 42 -Funk You Up - Functional Medicine w Vincent Esposito  

What is Functional Medicine? In this episode, we discuss functional medicine, how to approach one of our easiest ways to not only improve our health but to reverse some chronic health issues. Our guest today is Dr. Vincent Esposito.



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