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Fear It Goes is about changing FEAR into what it's meant to be - a guidance system.  

Come along the journey with Fear It Goes to inspire you, enlighten you, challenge you and allow you to take the steps necessary to really excel in your life.  We discuss everything from trauma to victory, mediocrity to greatness, health, business, marriage, divorce, sex, and everything in-between.  No holding back. No regrets.

It's the podcast that gets you thinking.

Latest Episodes

Be prepared to knock your socks off or at least take them off ~ Sex Series in FULL swing ~

Epi 23 - I Want to Sex You Up - Dr Trina Read

Long term relationships bring us many gifts from love, connection, companionship, friendship, and intimacy. Add life into the mix, stresses, and over time the relationship may not hold the same attractions once held.

In this episode, we discuss why it's so common partners see changes to their relationship and ways to bring back the spark and fun in and out of the bedroom.

Epi 22 - Sexual Wellness, Sexual You - Gaia Morrissette

In this playful and informative episode, we visit with Gaia Morrissette of Succulent Living.

Her expertise as a Holistic Sexual Wellness Specialist offers up a fun and clear roadmap of what sexual wellness practices are to really attain a happy, healthy, sexual you.

Epi 21 - Say Yes Already - Saying Yes in the Bedroom

This Episode is a part of the Sex Series. Today we are talking about exuberant consent and what that means. When we are truly consensual, communication is easy and we are much more open to discussing new ideas and really having fun in the bedroom.

So what determines consent, are we teaching our younger generations about it and do we use it ourselves?
Let's explore how to have the best times with our partners.

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