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Fear It Goes is about changing FEAR into what it's meant to be - a guidance system.  

Come along the journey with Fear It Goes to inspire you, enlighten you, challenge you and allow you to take the steps necessary to really excel in your life.  We discuss everything from trauma to victory, mediocrity to greatness, health, business, marriage, divorce, sex, and everything in-between.  No holding back. No regrets.

It's the podcast that gets you thinking.

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Latest Episodes

Health Series in full Swing ~ This series is here to offer you a clear understanding of your health in all its many facets ~body, mind, energy ~ We even offer some tools to help you move your health forward . Come join us.

Epi 50 - Reframing to Get What You Want

Our minds are our garden and need to be planted well and nourish for them to flourish.

We are in the midst of many pandemics, not just the health pandemic on everyone's mind. We are facing crises of mental health, financial health and relationship/marital health. Being in isolation puts existing life under the microscope



Epi 49 -  Your Superhero on the Way

 Have you thought about your inner superhero? Yes - you have one. Who is that? What stage of the journey are you at? This week we explore the power within you and the opportunities that sit before us



Epi 48 - Staying Sane Through Covid 

COVID-19 is everywhere today. And mental health is just as important right now as your physical health. How are you looking after both? This episode discusses and offers tools to help mitigate some of the issues you are facing.



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